Engaging the community in STEAM is an important aspect of the Port Townsend STEM Club. Check out how we made 2021 a year to remember

2021 Pandemic Musical Time Capsule

Students from around Jefferson County weren’t able to participate in Kiwanis Stars of Tomorrow Talent Show, so the students partnered with the KPTZ Radio Station, and brought the student’s music talent to the community via radio.
PT STEM Club Students and KPTZ radio station host the Pandemic Musical Time Capsule
to capture the essence of music during the pandemic

2021 Makers at Home – to Makers Camp

As the school districts changed, so did the PT STEM Club. Students switched to zoom and remote access and built and designed models, grew flowers flash mob style around town instead of in school, and hopped on VR to build artscapes, apart at home first, and together when the schools opened up to small gathering.

Students designing in Cad remotely and 3D printing industrial art remotely
Flowers grown by students with instructions to flash mob the town with flowers since they could not come to their classrooms
VR Artscape – creating virtual art worlds together with friends in pods

Maker Fair 2022

The Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race and Maker Fair will be back

Maker Fair 2019 – The 2020 and 2021 Maker Fairs were canceled and replaced with the Makers at Home program but we are hoping to see those happy smiling faces in 2022

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